June 3, 2012

Guest Signage Sunday! "It Runs in the Family"

In keeping with this week's Chinese takeout theme, comes an offering from the inspiration for my attention to odd signs, my mom.

Two possible explanations for the patheticism* of her local Chinese takeout's bags come to mind:

1. They want to stress that they only offer a certain level of customer service:

"We're not angry at you for shopping here. We might even have somewhat enjoyed our interaction. But wcan't claim to reach Walmart-esque, Prozac-induced excitement about your patronage or the rest of your day.

Have a great one, if you like. Or a rotten one, it that better fits your mood. It's really all the same to us."

2. Or as my always optimistic mother opined"

"There's obviously an effort being made, but apparently it would cost too much to get the full smile."

Thanks for reading and have a _________ day.

*Coined, Nicholas Fernandez, 2001.

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