June 26, 2012

Box Office Success

Furthering last week's investigative report on a local theater, today we address customer complaints of difficulty locating the Box Office. 

Our investigative team went undercover to ... well ... investigate. Lets see what they found. (Apologies for the fuzzy images. Surreptitious photography is a messy business.)

Upon entering the first floor lobby, we're greeted with a straightforward directive:

In the elevator, all signs point to a united front:

We accidentally exit  on the 3rd floor and are greeted by this overly-excited sign:

What luck! There is a box office. 
But it's closed. 
We continue upward. On the 4th floor, we are again greeted by signage:

Well, we were looking for the Fantasticks, but beggars can't be choosers. 
We turn the corner:

Not another 30 ft. passes before:

We head to the bar; hearts pounding:

As promised, a left turn. What could be next:

For the first time "window" is invoked. We must be closing in:

An sure enough, we are. At last! The Box O....

Yes, it is the only place in the entire building where the sign reading "Box Office" is obscured from view.

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