June 24, 2012

Odd Jobs: Low Expectations

Apparently, someone is unclear on the concept of "minimum." Or "preferred." I really can't tell.

And what are "intermediate-level word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications"? I understand "intermediate...skills," but is the former in reference to Microsoft Works or Notepad? Maybe a potshot at Apple's Pages?

As expected, good writing and proofreading skills are preferred.

Still, it's a nice change of pace to see all the "intermediate" skill requirements after a long day of wading though "superior," "excellent" and other demanding job descriptions.


  1. Nick, all this really means is that you are still over-qualified for the position. Booo...

  2. Sadly, I now know a Ph.D. grad who has applied to starbucks after being turned down by so many places. It's a hard world out there!