October 2, 2012

Get Me to the Play on Time!

A follow up to Sunday's piece on time warps:

As a theater goer, one of the main pieces of information you need to know is the play's start time. Some plays are more enigmatic than others. Take Perfect Crime, the longest running play on or off-Broadway. (Regular readers may remember Perfect Crime from this posting regarding it's elaborate maze to the box office.)

We arrive at the building and are in luck - signage abounds:

What do you say we see the Sunday evening performance? 

Great. I'll meet you in the lobby at 7:05. 
Out of curiosity, what's that sign on the right say?

Yikes. I'm running late! Okay. I'll be there at 6:50. Now to buy tickets:

You've got to be kidding...

Full disclosure: I work here when not photographing signs. Below is my favorite Sunday-start-time interaction:

Patron arrives at 7:45
Me: "The play's already started; I'm going to have to put you in late seating."
Patron: "What time did it start?!?"
M: "About ten minutes ago."
P: "The sign downstairs said it starts at 7:15."
M: "Yeah, that's not helping your cause. Follow me."

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  1. We're very blessed because nowadays, almost all mobiles has a built in camera... maybe you with this kind of signage...taking photos would really help you a lot!!!