September 30, 2012

Time Warp: Odd Jobs

There's so much goodness here that I don't know where to start.

Keep in mind that "All information that applicants may need is available at this [oddly hyphenated] web-site." (Editor's note: Even the AP accepted "website" in 2010.)

Time Warp - a poem-ish thing by the Bad Signage Blogger

This page went live in September 2012,
For a position for the 2013-2014 school year,
Yet the "themes" are for 2012-2013,
To be determined in Fall 2012.
The application is due January 10, 2013.
You don't need a Ph.D. by then, 
But you must have one by June 2012.
Finalists get ready,
You will be interviewed in February and March 2012.
I hope it went well.

Clearly, Columbia was right to explain that the current year is 2012, demonstrating why Wesleyan has failed to join the Ivies.

Then there's the application process:

It comes as no surprise that "There is no official application form." But what do they mean by "Applications faxed or emailed will not be ac"? Is that slang for "actually considered"?

Of course, clicking the "Online Application" link leads to this:

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