September 27, 2012

Animalism: The New Bigotry (Guest Signage: Jessica Cornish!)

This catchy slogan coats the walls of Jessica's school, reinforcing a profound message: Do not stand by idly when trouble strikes, as we all know zebras do, but take difficulties and turn them into pearls.

One problem: The slogan comes from a one-off presentation over a year ago, and no one who visits the school has any idea what it's about.

Besides, the message is kind of a mess:

As Jessica paraphrases, "Don't run from your troubles, cover them in mucus."


  1. Or...don't try and be different. Create a hard exterior that protects you from those brutal A-hole students that might try and beat you up or tear you down.

    1. I also feel it could be some sort of subliminal "Vote Democratic Party" message due to the blue/red juxtaposition. Assuming the author has Animal Blindness, or course.

    2.'s strictly sexual. Be a vagina and not an ass!