May 20, 2012

Special Guest Post! "Mobile Entertainment" by Charles Gilbert

Today we are fortunate enough to have a guest post, sent in by my good friend Charles Gilbert.

This sign earns its place in the blog for raising several questions.

1. Has Apple finally completed world domination to the point that they get product placement in building rule signage?

2. What exactly is a "removable radio"?

3. And the even more troubling question: What exactly is an "immovable radio"?

4. Do these people believe the iPod is a radio? Or are the two unrelated, like "we are not responsible for lost items and the sinking of the Titanic"?

5. Finally, I wish I had been the one to visit this place; just look at all those signs! Probably some other good material. Maybe it's a sign display shop. Or a museum of signage. In any case, I think I'd get along well with these people.

Thank you Charles for the wonderful addition!