August 9, 2012

BSB Goes Green (Guest Signage: Matt DiDonna!)

A long post, but worth the walk (imo).

From the careful eye of Matt DiDonna, we have the "A-Z Recyclery" from Orange County, NC. And when they say "A-Z," they aren't lying.  

Just look at the drop-down menu below. There are eight items starting with "A" alone. Of which, "asphalt" is obviously my favorite.

And don't get me started on the letter "C." Who recycles crayons?!? Anyone with a basic knowledge of color theory knows that if you melt them down and mix them up you're just gonna end up with a bunch of brown, which I guess is useful if you're drawing a bear taking a dump in a mudslide.

But I digress. The real payoff is after the jump:

Now, I've been out of school way too long to know my liquid volume conversions, but I'm pretty sure something's off here (see underlined below).

Perhaps the author has a tick that causes him or her to use "of gallons" the same way a valley girl uses "like."

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